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All Plants
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  1. Amsonia hubrichtii Hubricht's bluestar
  2. Amsonia illustris Ozark bluestar
  3. Amsonia tabernaemontana 'Blue Ice' eastern bluestar cultivar
  4. Andropogon ternarius splitbeard bluestem
  5. Andropogon ternarius 'Black Mountain' splitbeard bluestem cultivar
  6. Andropogon virginicus broomsedge bluestem
  7. Anemone virginiana tall thimbleweed
  8. Callicarpa americana American beautyberry
  9. Carex appalachica Appalachian sedge
  10. Carex grayi Gray's sedge
  11. Carex plantaginea plantainleaf sedge
  12. Carex stricta tussock sedge
  13. Deschampsia cespitosa tufted hairgrass
  14. Deschampsia cespitosa 'Goldtau' tufted hairgrass cultivar
  15. Eupatorium hyssopifolium hyssopleaf thoroughwort
  16. Eutrochium dubium 'Little Joe' coastal plain Joe-Pye weed cultivar
  17. Eutrochium maculatum 'Gateway' spotted Joe-Pye weed cultivar
  18. Eutrochium purpureum sweetscented Joe Pye weed
  19. Helenium autumnale common sneezeweed
Items 1 to 32 of 86

86 items

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All Native Plants and Native Plant Cultivars:

This category includes all of the native plant species and native plant cultivars from our catalog that are currently available and in stock. This includes native perennials, ground covers, ferns, grasses, shrubs, trees, annuals, biennials, climbers, ephemerals, etc, and their cultivars when available.