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  1. Carex lurida shallow sedge
  2. Carex molesta field oval sedge
  3. Carex muehlenbergii Muhlenberg's sedge
  4. Carex pellita woolly sedge
  5. Carex pensylvanica Pennsylvania sedge
  6. Carex plantaginea plantainleaf sedge
  7. Carex praegracilis clustered field sedge
  8. Carex radiata eastern star sedge
  9. Carex retrorsa knotsheath sedge
  10. Carex rosea rosy sedge
  11. Carex sartwellii Sartwell's sedge
  12. Carex shortiana Short's sedge
  13. Carex sprengelii Sprengel's sedge
  14. Carex stipata awlfruit sedge
  15. Carex stricta tussock sedge
  16. Carex tenera quill sedge
  17. Carex tribuloides blunt broom sedge
  18. Carex typhina cattail sedge
  19. Chasmanthium latifolium
  20. Chelone glabra white turtlehead
  21. Chelone obliqua 'Tiny Tortuga' red turtlehead cultivar
  22. Claytonia virginica Virginia springbeauty
Items 97 to 128 of 469

469 items

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All Native Plants and Native Plant Cultivars:

This category includes all of the native plant species and native plant cultivars from our catalog that are currently available and in stock. This includes native perennials, ground covers, ferns, grasses, shrubs, trees, annuals, biennials, climbers, ephemerals, etc, and their cultivars when available.