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All Plants
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  1. Elymus virginicus Virginia wildrye
  2. Erigeron pulchellus robin's plantain
  3. Eryngium aquaticum rattlesnakemaster
  4. Eupatorium hyssopifolium hyssopleaf thoroughwort
  5. Euphorbia corollata flowering spurge
  6. Eurybia divaricata white wood aster
  7. Euthamia graminifolia flat-top goldentop
  8. Eutrochium dubium coastal plain Joe-Pye weed
  9. Eutrochium dubium 'Little Joe' coastal plain Joe-Pye weed cultivar
  10. Eutrochium fistulosum hollow Joe-Pye weed
  11. Eutrochium maculatum spotted Joe Pye weed
  12. Eutrochium maculatum 'Gateway' spotted Joe-Pye weed cultivar
  13. Eutrochium maculatum 'Phantom' spotted Joe-Pye weed cultivar
  14. Eutrochium purpureum sweetscented Joe Pye weed
  15. Fothergilla gardenii dwarf witchalder
  16. Fragaria virginiana wild strawberry
  17. Gelsemium sempervirens 'Margarita' Carolina jessamine cultivar
  18. Geranium maculatum spotted geranium
  19. Geranium maculatum 'Espresso' spotted geranium cultivar
  20. Geum triflorum prairie smoke
  21. Glandularia canadensis rose mock vervain
  22. Glyceria striata fowl mannagrass
  23. Goodyera pubescens downy rattlesnake plantain
Items 161 to 192 of 461

461 items

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All Native Plants and Native Plant Cultivars:

This category includes all of the native plant species and native plant cultivars from our catalog that are currently available and in stock. This includes native perennials, ground covers, ferns, grasses, shrubs, trees, annuals, biennials, climbers, ephemerals, etc, and their cultivars when available.