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Carex muskingumensis

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Plant types and subtypes: Grasses, Sedges, Wetland Grasses, Ornamental Grasses

Light Requirements: sun, part-sun, part-shade

Water Use: high

Soil Moisture: moist, wet

Soil Description: rich, average, loam

Height: 2'-3'

Leaf Color: green

Hardiness Zone: 5, 6, 7

Additional Tags: clumping, deer resistant, emergent, naturalizing, ornamental foliage, pond margin plant, stream margin plant, wetland plant

Carex muskingumensis (Muskingum sedge)
  • Carex muskingumensis (Muskingum sedge)
  • Carex muskingumensis (Muskingum sedge)
  • Carex muskingumensis (Muskingum sedge)

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Carex muskingumensis

Also known as:

Muskingum sedge


palm sedge

Scientific Synonyms:


Carex muskingumensis is a very attractive wetland sedge with a dense growing habit. Up to 3' tall, its arching foliage has earned it, among others, the well-deserved common name palm sedge. The inflorescence and seed spikelets are borne atop triangular rigid stems, and are not particularly noteworthy.


A versatile, easy to grow wetland species that can tolerate periods inundation, it thrives in fertile, loamy soil that is kept consistently moist. It prefers partial sun, but can be grown in full sun as long as the soil is not allowed to dry out. It will also tolerate a fair amount of shade, however this will produce weaker foliage with a tendency to flop. This is a well-behaved species that spreads slowly by rhizomes to form large, dense clumps. It can also spread by seed, but again, it is not aggressive. Zones 5-7


Seed or division.

Additional Notes

Carex muskingumensis is easy to grow, low maintenance, and very attractive. It is an excellent choice for pond or stream margins, rain gardens, ecological restoration and erosion control. Rather unpalatable to browsing mammals, including deer.

Native Range & Classification

Recorded County Distribution: USDA data

Native Range:

USDA Endangered Status:

  • Endangered: TN


Kingdom Plantae Plants
Subkingdom Tracheobionta Vascular plants
Superdivision Spermatophyta Seed plants
Division Magnoliophyta Flowering plants
Class Liliopsida Monocotyledons
Subclass Commelinidae
Order Cyperales
Family Cyperaceae Sedge family
Genus Carex sedge
Species Carex muskingumensis Muskingum sedge