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Clintonia umbellulata

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Plant types and subtypes: Perennials, Bulbs, Ground Covers

Light Requirements: part-shade, shade

Water Use: medium

Soil Moisture: moist

Soil Description: acid, rich, loam

Height: 6"-18"

Bloom Time: May, June

Bloom Color: white

Leaf Color: green

Hardiness Zone: 5, 6

Additional Tags: berries, colonizing, fragrant flowers, naturalizing, shade garden plant, woodland plant

Flowers of Clintonia umbellulata (speckled clintonia)
  • Flowers of Clintonia umbellulata (speckled clintonia)
  • Flowers of Clintonia umbellulata (speckled clintonia)
  • Flowers of Clintonia umbellulata (speckled clintonia)

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Clintonia umbellulata

Also known as:

speckled clintonia


speckled woodlily


speckled wood lily


white bluebead lily


white clintonia

Scientific Synonyms:

Clintonia alleghaniensis, Xeniatrum umbellulatum


Clintonia umbellulata is one of the most attractive species of the genus. Dense umbels of fragrant white flowers, often speckled in green or purple, rise on stems a foot or more above mats of deep green, glossy, broad basal foliage. Spent flowers give way to black berries.


Low maintenance and easy to grow, speckled clintonia makes an excellent ground cover for moist shaded spots, woodland gardens or shade gardens. The simple foliage remains green and attractive all summer. Can bloom in May or June. Zones 5-6


Easy to propagate from seed. Ripe seeds should be planted immediately. Rhizomes may be separated in spring or fall.

Additional Notes

Speckled clintonia is a great alternative to lily of the valley.

Native Range & Classification

Recorded County Distribution: USDA data

Native Range:

USDA Endangered Status:

  • Exploitably Vulnerable: NY
  • Threatened: OH


Kingdom Plantae Plants
Subkingdom Tracheobionta Vascular plants
Superdivision Spermatophyta Seed plants
Division Magnoliophyta Flowering plants
Class Liliopsida Monocotyledons
Subclass Liliidae
Order Liliales
Family Liliaceae Lily family
Genus Clintonia bluebead
Species Clintonia umbellulata speckled clintonia