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Never-plowed prairie seed harvest

September 9, 2016

Never-plowed prairie seed harvest

When implementing a plan to plant a meadow, consider this:

• Is the seed sourced from mono-cropped production fields?

• Is the seed cleaned and denuded of essential chemicals that are required for good germination?

• Is the diversity in the seed mix a true representation of a stable, functioning prairie, or just a landscape designer's wishful thinking? read more

Sale of the Week 4/22 - dwarf larkspur

April 23, 2015

Sale of the Week 4/22 - dwarf larkspur

Dwarf larkspur (Delphinium tricorne)

These plants are currently in leaf, and will ship in 2" pots for 25% less than they are usually sold for as bare root!  As low as $2.95 each, with FREE Shipping.

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