Plant Sizes:

Our plants may be available in one or more of the following sizes, and sold by one or more nurseries.


Quart-size Pot

This size is well-suited for plants in an advanced stage of development. Each quart is about 4” x 4” and 5” deep (exact measurements vary slightly depending on the pot manufacturer).

Whether you are interested in growing a specimen, or creating a grouping, these plants will be quick to establish and put on a show.


3.5" Pot

3.5" pot

Actual pot size is 3.5” x 3.5” x 3.5”. This is a good transitional size for plants that do not have deep tap roots. They are more mature than plugs, but younger and more economical than plants offered in quarts.



Bare root


Bare root plants are shipped without soil.

The roots are washed and packaged in damp peat or sphagnum moss. The plants might have leaves, depending on the species and time of year.

This is a very economical way to buy and ship plants. It also allows you to purchase and establish plants throughout the year, even when they are dormant. Visit our FAQ page for care instructions.

98-Count Plugs

2" X 5" Tree Band Pot

Our 98-count plugs are the most economical landscaping plugs available. Each individual plug measures 1 ¼” x 1 ¼” across by 2” deep.

Although small, the plants are well-rooted and have the advantage of shipping during their most aggressive growth stage.

Whether you intend to pot them up, or put them in the ground, they will establish faster and with less maintenance than just about any other size available.

5" Deep Plug

5" Deep Plug

Plugs refer to small containers, typically attached to one another to form trays, and are used in the early development stage of growing out plants.

This size plug is 2” x 2” across, and 5” deep. This allows for a large plant - up to 16” tall depending on the species and time of year - with a well established mature, deep root system.

5" Deep Plug, Tray of 50

50 5 inch plugs

Orders of 25 to 50, 5” Deep Plugs will ship in the tray. This is a very economical way to purchase a large amount of plants.