Photo of Colias philodice (clouded sulphur) on Symphyotrichum laeve (smooth blue aster)


All of our growers are committed to using the best horticultural practices. All of our plants are nursery propagated, from seed or stock that has been ethically collected, and grown without neonicotinoids treatments.

If you are a grower dedicated primarily to species of native plants and would like to become part of the Izel team, please contact us.


Established in 1986 by John and Jill Hoffman on 45 acres located in rural Rougemont, NC. Friends and family questioned the wisdom of specializing in grasses, which in the ‘80s meant turf to most people. But John and Jill recognized both the beauty and benefits of ornamental native grasses and sedges, and were determined to pursue this emerging market. Hoffman Nursery has earned a national reputation as a wholesale grower producing the highest quality products available in the trade. Their vision has broadened during the last 30 years, and the nursery actively supports horticultural research, promotes environmental stewardship, and performs community service.


Ironweed Native Plant Nursery is a small, family-operated business located in south-central Kentucky. We come at this from a life-long love of botany, plant identification and plant ecology. My husband, Mike and myself have both worked for the Forest Service and understand land stewardship. We are also educators, having taught many an Intro. science course in college. Once asked, "What's your passion?" Without a doubt, it is fostering Environmental Health via plants, education and people. To help ensure population diversity, we obtain seed from multiple locations within the Interior Low Plateaus Physiographic Province of Kentucky. All plants are nursery propagated and none are dug up or harvested from the wild.


Kind Earth Growers are wholesale producers of native plants located in Bucks county, PA, and are passionate about the use and preservation of native plants in the landscape. They take pride in their sustainable growing methods which include, rain-water harvest for irrigation, and the use of organic fertilizer. They recently purchased Aquascapes Unlimited, a large provider of native wetland plant material for restoration, conservation, green infrastructure and stormwater projects. In addition to Kind Earth Growers’ previous selection of flowering perennials, grasses and sedges, they are now one of the top suppliers of aquatic, emergent and wetland species on the East Coast.


Established in 1988, North Creek Nurseries has set the gold standard for sustainable production and is now considered by most to be the premier wholesale grower of native plants in the Eastern US. Based in Landenberg, PA, North Creek’s mission is to propagate the finest quality plants that enhance the relationship between people and sustainable outdoor environments. These plants are available in a variety of plug sizes, and the partnership with Izel allows us to provide a large selection of plants seldom available to customers outside of the trade.


Pizzo Native Plant Nursery encompasses 40 acres of restored wetland and prairie habitat in the heart of farm country near Leland, Illinois, providing them with ready access to local ecotype seed from a diverse number of native plant species. They specialize in native plant plugs, and have a stellar reputation as one of the largest growers in the Midwest with more than 25 years of ecological restoration science behind their products and services. Production facilities include greenhouse space to allow for extended growing and targeted, date-specific delivery.


Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries' motto is “Work with nature, not against it”. What started nearly 40 years ago as a quest for reliable seed for ecological restoration projects, has developed into one of the largest plug and seed producers of mid-western ecotype native species. Taylor Creek’s local genotype seed is nursery-grown in beds started from seeds collected ethically on native remnants. Their plants are grown in greenhouses, with genetics tracked by county and state, so they always know where they originated. Staff members have degrees in horticulture, reclamation, conservation and land-use planning. Just as important as the diplomas, their people are passionately dedicated to the promotion of native species.


Tennessee Naturescapes specializes in quality grown native trees, shrubs, wildflowers, ferns and grasses for a wide variety of landscapes, from the home garden to large restoration or green infrastructure projects. Lori McAlister started Tennessee Naturescapes in 2007 in response to the need for more commercially available native plants. Lori and her team are passionate about the stewardship of our natural heritage and educating the public on creating habitats for declining species such as the Monarch butterfly, honeybees and birds.

All plants are nursery propagated and none are dug up or harvested from the wild.

If you are a grower dedicated primarily to species of native plants and would like to become part of the Izel team, please contact us.